Business Start Up 2018 – Bridal Wear

Here, I wish to update my progress on my website development and my newly created ‘about me’ page. I am still working on the website design and the first layers. So far I am happy with what is done and I am by no means a web developer! I just hope that I come across as sincere and genuine; somebody who works hard and wants to achieve through serving others to a high standard. The Sketchbook is also underway and I have been getting quite excited about the creations based on a recent summer trip to Rome and introducing references to the 1920’s silhouette which I just love – its just so chic and effortlessly glamorous. The collection is small but something I am taking step by step as my first collection after graduating. I have been looking at #Temperleybridal and also #RomanticaofDevon who have been inspiring me and who I like to consider myself a fan of  their

My Website About Me Page
Sketchbook Page
Roman architecture and clothing inspiration and 1920’s silhouette references.