Garment Production – Toile No 1

Toile 1

The measuring, drafting and making process has started for me and I have initiated this by using white muslin for the fluidity of the material as well as the draping qualities, it is also very economical.

This dress is the size 12, roman princess style. Its one of the stronger designs in my collection. The draped hip line is very much in keeping with the roman toga influence that is referenced a lot in this clothes line. It has spaghetti straps, princess type sleeves, an interesting textile effect on the neckline which shows cut out shapes, a close fitting bodice, some hip line diagonal rouges, a draped and pleated front panel and a trumpet style shaped skirt half. The design is not over complicated but has some interesting features.

This dress is to be made from pure silk, it has silk organza material usage on the front dress and is available made to measure or at a lower cost in size 12 women’s measurement (as is made for viewing). The style is very unique and subtle, the flattering hip line can give a fuller shape to the figure and also draw attention away from any stomach bulges.

The dress is based on Roman architecture and ancient dress design. It’s aesthetically pleasing and style and originality has been kept in mind. The dress is made from the finest materials and is flattering for most figure types. The design references some past designs that have been created but also remains relevant and modern.