Textiles Making

A/W 2019 Roma Collection and The Textile Production

When I was at Uni we had more time to work on things, more equipment and teaching and guidance from staff and help from each other, but now I am on my own working from home and I just don’t have the luxury of so much time and input and direction. So, I am working on the textiles production work and I do enjoy my work, however, I have chosen to do embroidery for the first dress in the collection and this is somewhat repetitive and time consuming, but the effects are so impressive.

I have spent long hours creating this work so far and I have had to change some aspects of what I wanted to initially do. The design was inspired by the very well known Tudor Rose, however, I wanted to depict it in a more natural manor from images of the real rose as found in gardens. I was also inspired by my mother and a linen dress from #Wallis that was given to me, also with roses on it. The embroidery techniques I have chosen to go with for the final application would be the chain stitch, the satin stitch and fish-bone stitch. I was also inspired by the textile artist #Sarah King when creating the design, I really adore her work and I felt I wanted to make rich but bold patterns for this dress. The application of the textiles should be applied around the bottom edge of the creped chiffon fabric.

To make impacting textile pieces in embroidery, you would need to be inspired and make references in your work, have a final image drawn onto tissue paper, an embroiders hoop, embroidery needles, #DMC or #Anchor threads, chosen fabric and after pinning the design on you simply stitch over the design. I would recommend learning 10 basic stitches before you decide to start stitching, though.

Textile work can be hard going and slightly thumbnail (1)repetitive but the end results are what you get job satisfaction for. I personally have a comfortable seat and then work away on it, I sometimes put music on in the background. My work has been planned and prepared and I am inspired by people and their works which helps me put something different together which, in turn, can be appreciated. I like to have the consumers and a goal in mind – I work towards exhibition dates. My next Exhibition is on the 24th March at #HatfieldHouse, Hertfordshire and I am so looking forwards.

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