Textiles Making

A/W 2019 Roma Collection and the Textiles Production

textiles (2)Here are some pictures of my recent textile works. I really like lace and embroidery and beading to be used in the majority of my work going forwards, I also like screen printing and combining embroidery or applique with this too (mixed media or textile pieces).

I’m adding a splash of colour with my wedding dresses, now, something I thought I’d never do as I started out very strict with my use of white and off-white colours for it’s symbolic and traditional meanings. The textile piece here with the rose and leaves are applied to dress number 1 and all around its trim on the train of the gown, its very tasteful and unique and I really like it so far.

textiles (2a)

The applique lace sample was and experiment, I feel I need to keep exploring in this area as I’d like to also have this affect on the garment number 3, except using a netted fabric called tulle.

I like to show my work and progress to anyone interested and also to make a online presence for #dhbridaldesigns. I like the idea of being able to influennce and inspire and even teach the next generation of dressmakers too.

Textiles applique and machine embroidery are my favourite for effective and quicker results and effects, however, I’ll always adore using hand embroidery, hand beading. The work I do is available to see on instagram and facebook. I like to write a commentary and make it personal to connect to my audience.