Textiles Making

A/W 2019 Roma Collection ~ Textile Production

I have been working away on textiles making and application for some time now, I am a little behind schedule do to an equipment issue I experienced! eek. However, I have shelved it and now I am forward focused and ready to begin the next phase of dress making. Some of my work is photographed and recorded here to see.

The 1st Pictures are of my screen printing work and I was very happy with using the flower called the Iris in my illustrations it has a personal connection to me and also is symbolic for hope and faith. I would need to be making this print on chiffon in silver for the edging of the train on dress 2. The second pictures are of some applique placements and preparations one is on tulle and just needs some machine embroidery to finish it off to a high standard finish and the other image is of a mock-up textile preparationĀ piece for garment 3.

Blog Pics. Feb (1)

Blog Pics. Feb (2)

The third image is a Bible quote from Zachariah 4:10 and is so awesomely true and wonderful. The LORD is happy that we just start a work and before its reached maturity.

Blog Pics Feb (3)

My message today is that there is no need to rush because we are mere humans. It will come along step by step and keep the end goal in mind as you go. Enjoy what you do.

This blog has shown my work recordings for the screen printing process, for a silver print on white chiffon piece and the images captured for applique lace placements on different fabrics, one being natural silk in the colour pearl and another on poly tulle.

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