A/W 2019 Roma Collection ~ Michelle

I have been working away on sewing up the final garments in the Roma Collection now and have a photo shoot to work towards with David Di Guida next month and following that a bridal exhibition where I should get much more exposure and potential customers! I look towards business customers as well as individual.

Michelle is photographed here, as I was waiting on a haberdashery delivery I began to start Ellie also so I did have two dresses on the go. This is the first dress I decided to sew up in the final selected fabric. I had to learn a lot while I was also going along on what I know. I failed here and there but eventually have a final garment to show in photographs and I am really happy about that.

A/W 2019 Roma Collection ~ Michelle

Michelle is size 14, 1920’s silhouette, Inspired by the Roman toga and has floral embroidery applied which was inspired by looking at other renown textile artists out there and being inspired by personal items that I have at home as well as looking at famous flowers especially the rose. The design features are of  a champagne coloured dress with a v-neckline, uniquely shaped and styled boned sleeves, empire line detail, such as piping applied in curved shapes, straight skirt half with deep and visible side pockets. The fabrics used are fuji silk and creped poly chiffon.

The saying “it was made with blood, sweat and tears” can be applied to my work for sure and its all worth it in the end is completely true, falling in love with your purpose is also a great thing. I find something so romantic and feminine about dress making.

The dress was selected and decided upon to sew first, it is champagne colour and not actually white or even off white, as I prefer, It has a name applied but I am still at the design and making stage and details, order and choices could still change, I think…Its about being discerning and sure before you pack away finish and photograph, collate images and then sell. The photo shoot and the exhibition plans have kept me going and focused. The design and research stage has been explained as far as inspiration goes. I like to show the garment specifics such as features and fabrics. Finally, showing what I have learnt to an audience who may be learning them selves.