Spring / Summer 2019 ~ The Parisian Collection

Starting on my new collection, I am being careful to pay attention to design features as I am sketching so that there are less surprises and difficulties when actually sewing up the garments at the final stage. I like to be as thorough as possible. I must admit this time around on my second collection after University is not as exciting – my emotions are a lot more under control and it is feeling a lot more like work than fun! of course I still enjoy it, this is what I do.


The pictures here show some inspiration and research drawn from three main areas of focus in my 2D design and development pages, they are of the Cathedral Notre-Dame, Musee d Orsay and the Impressionists and the iron work on the Parisian streets especially that of the Art Nouveau styled Metro gates.

I have found the stained glass windows of the cathedral an area of much inspiration, the feminine paintings of women and their unique poses and landscapes very appealing and aligned to my brand ethos a key word for my designs other than classic and contemporary is that of being feminine so this boded well and was a big area for me. I also liked the organic and plant – like feel designs of the art nouveau metro gates on the Parisian streets there. The silhouette is still 1920’s elongated and column line in keeping and I have also introduced and explored more with 3D stand work on the mannequin this time around also using drapery. I bought the fabrics first, this time too which enabled me to drape and feel and position fabrics and edging/lace to the stand getting ideas from this workmanship too.

The post today is to keep my followers and others informed, aware and encouraged of the design and making process for new business start ups in bridal wear. I like to be able to keep an update and social presence too to be able to reach more supporters and potential customers. The company is in the UK and produces a British product to the British Market. It is also ethical and uses re-cycling and up-cycling where it can and so I am environmentally friendly and responsible.

The post here, as my first one on The Parisian Collection is to show and inform the audience of how far I have come since starting on the 8th April. I am still very much in the early concept and design stage following the research and inspiration stage, drawing from the Paris trip which I combined business and pleasure with!

I have found some main points of design focus and I am spending my days working away on the foundational aspects of the design process for any collection. Keeping the final garments as well as the customers in mind is key as I go along and being aligned to the company ethos is also in mind. I aim to plough on and be more thorough and diligent with more of a better, stronger work ethic this time around. The dresses need to be of excellent quality, made especially for one of the biggest days of my potential customers and its important to have made them from the start with quality and with practicing excellence. My garments should hopefully shine through since my brand is niche and unique in design and style.

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