Spring/Summer 2020 ~ The Parisian Collection

Bridal Dress and Tailoring Service

The past few weeks I have had a few new customers requiring a dress alterations service and have found me through some flyers I had printed. I have really enjoyed this work but it means I have had to put the bridal dress making on the shelve – so to speak.

I have managed to provide a service and make money but I have definitely run into problems along the way and had some steep learning curves that I have approached, some areas needing work and improvement I have noted are some which I am already aware of and some just down to being a bit of a newbie in the trade. However, I am learning and putting in strategies to help me oversee my personal growth and work ethic. The most recent dresses that I dealt with are posted on this blog below and I was very thankful to deal with all the customers and feel they have been extremely patient and kind, knowing that my service is not perfect but that they have bared with me through the process and received the alterations required.


The silver Ralph Lauren dress made with metallic embroidery, tulle and jersey fabrics that you see here, requires panels inserted to the side seams to expand the dimensions of the waist and bust areas – since it came up too small on my customer. I/we have decided to insert two basic panels to the seams, taking care to keep the boning also in place – this is quite a big job and the only way I can make money in the future is if I get some strategies in place with the demands and expectations of the customer still being met to some degree – balance is needed.

The second dress you see here is also a designer dress made with a burgundy lace and slip dress underneath, this needs an alteration done on the sleeves which were just too long – this job needs to be done carefully and the unpicking of the seams and bias binding is what will take time. The sleeves should be amended from the less complicated area such as around the wrist seam.

This blog is to keep my online presence up and to help anyone who is interested in Dressmaking and Tailoring. I hope I can inspire and teach or even just inform others of my on goings. I do enjoy my work and I like the flexibility that comes with operating as an entrepreneur / business owner, although it requires strong self discipline, I still do enjoy.

I have experienced what its like to use my 14 years or so experience in sewing first hand with customers requesting my know-how, it is really a great thing to be taken seriously in this area and be in demand. I have had previous experience setting up business and taking on work in this area before, however, only over a few months span I must add and it was all while I was studying full time! This time around its a bit more complicated since I specialise in women’s garments and it usually means – dresses for those special occasions that need that extra attention to help to fit well.

The dresses already mentioned above, require experience with dressmaking and technical knowledge in garment making, sewing skills and confidence. You would need to have customer service skills too and that would be of good use to have already  acquired some of that. I find my communication skills could improve to get the right expectations met, the correct time remits in place and price right. The work has been carried out on one of the dresses, which has been collected and I just need the other dress to be ready now…luckily I have a good time to meet the specifics –  Happy Bank Holiday!

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