Spring/Summer 2020 ~ Parisian Collection

The First Toile in the New Collection

The Toile for dress Annabelle in this collection has been completed to my liking – it has the essential fit and information made and also has the necessary alterations and corrections applied. I am really happy with the way it looks so far and I’m looking forwards to seeing it in its final fabric and finish as well as to see what textiles would also be utilized on this selected design.

Blog Pic May 2019 (4)

This dress has had to be shelved from its design specifications sheet, to its working pattern process and then the sewing process due to having another business that is linked in with this main business and that is my tailoring work. I also struggled with energy levels during the course of this time period and so its actually taken a long hard time going up the hill that was to get to this point here. I am so thankful that I have a cotton muslin mock up dress done and ready to hang up, though and I am very thankful with the way it looks so classic, demure and original – I can imagine the final dress so much better now. I have moved the armhole measurements to suit a better fit and I have taken away the pleats at the back of the dress for a more streamline look, re-positioned the pleats at the front as well as added more and elongated the train to this dress and I think its ready for storing away till the next process now 🙂

As for the other side of the business such as the business admin area; marketing needs special attention, a show needs to still be booked for September and a photo shoot organized! I do have my work cut out and I work and live alone so its never easy but bit by bit and step by step I get there, It really helps when you enjoy your work and not see it as a humdrum experience but when a creation comes to life and looks better than what you put on paper, when it becomes quite real and 3D – touchable and coming to finalisation. I was just sewing away on this specific garment and felt it was all quite mundane work but as I go along I like to keep pinning and putting bits on the mannequin to see how its coming along, I would ask myself: does the fit look well, the stitching and the colours and of course some risky elements like pipping being used which I haven’t sewn much in my educational and working life so far, how have they worked and this helps you stay engaged and with a feeling of job satisfaction.

I write to make my social and online presence to be known and also to be updating other people whether they be students or professionals on my on-goings, to inspire to help and to inform. I hope what I have to write and show is of help and makes a difference to at least one person out there.

The dress Toile is finished and I want to update my blog as usual, I have done what needs to be done in the stage that its at right now and I have actually seen improvements in my work which is always good. The paper work is all put in the folder and the muslin mock up is about to be hung up on the dress rail. (The ones I don’t really want customers to be exposed too!) I have imagined what textiles would be applied to this dress but I am not at that design stage yet. I have struggled with timing and energy levels and with juggling different job loads but overall I am chuffed with this muslin prototype. I think the dress has kept inline with the sophisticated, classic and contemporary but original feel of my ebrand style and I am happy. I have made the amendments needed marked it up and put away in the folder it goes in.

I am aware that this creative and hands on work is just one side of my business activity and schedule and that business admin, as I like to call it, still beckons and needs attention, for example this blog write-up being one of the tasks. I have a handy tip or too to help a reader of these texts who might know the trade well, to feel engaged with they’re work, to help them enjoy it and get satisfaction as they themselves might go along in the same kind of work, however, overall I know why I write and I hope this reaches the audience intended.

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