Spring/Summer 2020 ~ The Parisian Collection

The Second Toile in the Collection – Dress Izzy

The mock up dress in cotton muslin is finished and amendments have been noted. This toile has taken some time and needed much patience, It didn’t go exactly to plan – I had to make some design changes. But here it is and it is giving me and others -who take interest an idea of what is should potentially look like in silk and with textiles applied. The Izzy dress just like the Annabelle dress, already done, has been inspired from a recent trip to Paris and seeing the glass stained windows there at the cathedral Notre Dame.

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The key features to this dress are its centre back buttoned back bodice, its piped and segmented front bodice, its pleated and elongated sleeves, its top stitched waist band feature, and circular bias cut skirt half – which flows and drapes so nicely from over the hips. The dress is to be made in possible silk organza and sand washed silk, organza for its look of transparency which would highlight its reference to the stained glass windows and sand washed silk for its light and soft feel to touch but also its fluid draping qualities. I’d also like to add some lace applique to the bottom trim of the skirt.

The adjustments needed where for the originally designed front paneled bodice, which was slightly more complicated, to be redesigned and rejigged a bit – to make it as it looks now. The top segments needed reshaping due to causing grief with sewing. I did run out of pipping so the centre shapes have just been sewn as seen on the image here, and the sleeves needed a change to the length since they came up really small, some length had to be added to the bottom skirt for elongation, but overall there was not too much to amend. I look forwards to making it up again with its new alternations noted, giving a slightly refreshed and newer version of what is seen here.

The dress is made in the style of keeping with my design statement of being: feminine, classic, contemporary, ethereal and elegant, with a nod to the 1920’s silhouette. The dresses are designed and made in the UK and each dress for sale is made in natural silks, I am environmentally friendly in my business activities, often recycling and up-cycling.

I write to make myself have a much more improved online presence but to also help inspire and encourage other young women in the same industry sector. Working from home is a struggle and its not easy, the lines between life and work can get blurred and mixed up at times and having discipline is a must. However, there are many good sides to working from home such as having privacy and flexibility in when to take breaks. I would advise it necessary to keep your social diary fairly full though.

The Izzy dress is photographed and has its write up now, I know its key selling points and features. I have the fabric planned – if that means I am still not 100% decided with that its okay and I have kept the design ethos in mind and the consumer I’d like to reach also in mind. I have mentioned my key business practices which are appealing to others such as being a British company loyal to the UK with regards to sourcing and being made, my guarantee that every dress sold will have natural silks that it is made from and a business who looks after the environment in its practices.

I am honest at why I write and about my experiences to be transparent with others who follow me. I like to offer a nugget of wisdom or advice and keep my followers interested. I also would like to mention that I offer a clothes tailoring service too…so if anyone following me needs clothing amendments please contact me. Thank you…

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