Happy New Year! – A Brief Fashion/Textile and Bridal Business Vision for 2020 :)

Revisiting the Vision Board

2018 – 19 has been exciting and nail biting at times for me and the small business. Setting it up and working to my first load of deadlines as an amateur in the trade has been taxing. However, I have enjoyed so, so much of this work, the independence, the creativity and the self management aspects have all been very appealing. I had started my business and dress collection in Sept 2018 and proceeded to work away at business in bridal wear, then came along April 2019 and I decided it time to introduce the tailoring and alteration business avenue to the name and then following that came November 2019 and that’s when I decided to add my sewing Tuition to the brand too. You could say that I am a busy person but its all within feasibility. From October 2019 – Jan 2020 I ran into some financial difficulties and so therefore had to put business activities on hold and concentrate on fundraising and reflection. However, I aim to be back with a bang with my third dress collection, my sewing tutoring work pilot project on the horizon and tailoring business ongoing from late January this year and to keep up the good work!

Looking Forwards:

I will en-devour to continue to operate from home but this year I will be needing a side/part time job to help support me and give me stabilising wheels. I still have the same production line in place 5 areas of design and making each step by step process in place, still much love the conceptual stage of gathering research and Ideas together and creating styles and designs!

New equipment is needed including a new crisp over locker machine and a lovely contact of mine has reached out with ideas concerning a bridal event which sounds promising.

Marketing as ongoing but does need more focus and I have my Spring/Summer catalogue ready for printing already 🙂 I will hope to go live on google this year!

Aiming to expand my tailoring business under the brand name too – so this means taking on work from a local bridal boutique and having work this way too.

And finally, to be able to afford and keep going away with my beloved to new destinations which always helps my sense of creativity and refreshes my thinking!

Bridal Wear Business Vision

Bridal business Vision Board 2018 – 2023

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