The Coast land Collection ~ Autumn/Winter 2020

The Conceptual Stage

The stage of ideas and design has commenced on this collection, I am actively being inspired and feeling quite excited about what can be created in this mini collection. I have decided to create only….wait… 3 dresses in this collection! – This is to enable me to have time to go back to some older dresses and perfect and adjust them to a higher standard and get them looking how I want them too. It’s quite typical however, since I have a very limited amount of outcomes to create (3 gowns) and so many, many ideas – eek! But I must remain realistic and sensible at this stage. The Inspiration is drawn from a recent trip to the West Sussex Coast of Brighton – a local landmark and coast land to us who inhabit in Croydon and it makes a big change from all the fancier more exuberant places I have visited in the past! the film that completely took my breath away for the collection was Quadraphenia (a Brighton based film) based on the late 1970’s music sub-cultures of the rockers and mods and this is also a big link in where I wish to take my reference points.

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Sketchbook Pages Already Started A/W 2020 Coast Land Collection

I have successfully put some ideas on pages so far and I am feeling better for that. I am trying to be flexible with my designs but I think I already know what type of dresses I’ll be creating, one will almost certainly feature a mermaid skirt and that’s simply due to ethically up-cycling a pre-owned bridal dress I have come to own and be able to dismantle. I also find they are good sellers and a great shape and style for a modern sophisticated bride, today.

I have a muse… and a target customer who I try to keep in mind and envision as I go along creating and I find it important to honour those key elements in the design process. I have fortunately, after a year now, built up some fabric stock in the business so a recent stock-take has saved the business much money (within the hundreds) and also time – fabric shopping can take up a whole day! The new collection should be making use of raw champagne coloured mixed silk dupion, some pearl coloured stretched silk satin and some white silk d’chine (cotton/silk), all should have some heavy and thick linings for the season they are created for no-one wants to freeze on there special day! I have also made a thing about purchasing tulle/netting and lace – I hope to lavishly apply the use of these fabrics this time around. So, that means floaty skirts and loads of applique lace pieces to be seen, not to mention clocking and buying some oval pearlised buttons, lace like shiny circular buttons by the dozens and some boning and applique lace flowers! 🙂 All within budget – just, so far and I’m very happy with that as its very easy to go over that when you love what you do and feel like a child in a sweet shop every time you go shopping for the customers dresses!

I am writing for my followers and any potential new followers, I may get. I also write to help boost my online visibility and to secretly keep practicing my language and communication skills! I love to update and inform even inspire and encourage others and I hope this shows. When creating a sketchbook it always helps to have all your primary and secondary media/images in front of you along with text and research – you really need to know your subject and its also a way to keep learning in life too. I like to annotate as I go along and share my thoughts and explanations also make notes of fabric planning and notes of fastenings to use and where too, for example how does a boned bodice do up? where will a zip go? what and where for the 1920’s retro buttons I bought? The best way to not over complicate things, that I was taught is to steer clear of full designed dresses at the start of a sketch book and instead focus on shapes and textures and loose design ideas, however, I struggle with doing this and so pretty much do dozens and dozens of full designs but I do make sure I develop upon them and keep them in context and relevant to what I am doing.

So far its been a week in, starting the full process of the production schedule, although there have been other business admin tasks going on in the background before this and still ongoing but this is where I am mostly at, at the moment. Its all very thrilling but I must keep my mind in gear and remember to keep my feet on the ground at this stage too. The pages I shared above are inspiration around the Brighton Royal Pavilion as its stands today and is based on mythical oriental designs just as the King George wished, at the time. I’m very fond of the use of tulle (netting fabric), empire lines so far and the use of curved lines as featured in the architecture seen. The fabrics should be kept in mind and also draped on mannequins in this first production stage and I do really love draped fabric so I hope to use this styling detail on at least one of the garments. I’m happy too, to have much heavy weight silks and linings in stock and its great timing for a fall /winter collection. Seemingly on track and with much sewing and educational experience, even gaining business experience now, I feel I’m in a place to be able to teach and give advice and so I hope my nuggets of wisdom have been well received. I feel on track overall just time management is in need of improving right now; If I want to make the most of my work and services and business and even life – time management is a tricky but necessary thing, unfortunately a lot of business owners fret about this. Its January now so I won’t beat my self up about it… ultimately if you like anything I do please get in touch – the diary is filling up and I have a variety of unique services such as Bridal Wear, Tailoring services and Tutoring essential sewing skills all to local ladies so please keep me in mind and get in touch if you’d like to know more.

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