The Coast land Collection ~ Autumn/Winter 2021

Final Selection and Line Up

The 5 dresses for the season are on paper now; 3 are new designs based on Brighton finds and influences from this trip late last year and 2 are old dress designs which need re-working and final adjustments. This season in time has been hard for the business due to having to put parts of it on hold to get more funding and also then came the COVID-19 Virus and my anxiety soon followed! So I have been a bit unhealthy and de-focused. These factors have slowed down business production but happily say they haven’t halted it completely. I’m at stage 3 now with the designs and happy to say I should have the same model back again this season, so I’m making to measure the dresses. The designs are decided and so now we’re onto making mock up gowns in cotton muslin.

Blog Pic March 2020

5 Dresses you’ll see this season – Autumn / Winter 2021 Final Line Up.

The dresses are all made of silk as in keeping with my brand core identity. I will make them is size 12 – 14, however, they can become bespoke and tailored to fit. This season sees a lot of silk and more applique than I have done before – so more lace! They should be ultra floaty and feminine. Dress No1 has tulle bodice and sleeves with loads of applique lace to cover and dress around the private areas, the sleeves us the lace for shape and decorative detail, the empire line has smocking and then a lot of silk and tulle gathered and then falling from thereon. The A line skirt has a lot of flare. Dress No2 has silk draped from around the neckline to the waist, with straight long sleeves for a close fitting smooth look and that’s matched with the rest of the dress up unto the knees where there is a tulle and silk flare for that much in demand fish tail look. No3 Is based on a leather jacket look, only to be softened and made in organza, the rest of the skirt will be silk and gathered with much flare. No4 and 5 are as they are now but just need some retouching and reworking to get to the final look you see here.

The dresses are in keeping with the brand ethos being made in the UK, made with natural silks, and being an ethically friendly company in its business practices. The style of all my dresses are contemporary, classic, edgy, feminine and elegant. I like to focus on the way the garment would make one feel and look, being careful in how they are designed and cut whilst using a careful selection of fabrics to achieve this.

I write weekly to inform, update and inspire. I wish more people would take a leaf out of the book from more creatives like us in the design world. I think creative people are goo problem solvers always thinking up ideas and ways around obstacles. Good news by my writing this time is that I finally have some funding approved so I can keep going with the business developing and increasing! I also have secured some part time work outside the home working with children again so this gives me more of an outlet and brings in income to support my first love which is fashion and textiles. We at D H bridal Designs also have a customer contract in place now which is very much needed and more professional, always looking to get better at practice. Bad news is obviously the Pandemic/virus that we know is going around the globe and has caused me personal distress and hardships with knowing people who have suffered too. It has also caused me some disturbances with work.

The next post should show more developments and hopefully a finished mock up garment for design Number 1 that you see here. You will find out the fabrics and the style used and any nuggets of wisdom that I can share along the way. For now is the time to remember to get my sewing notebook out so that I can illustrate and annotate as I go along lessons learnt, reminders and warnings etc. this I find to be very good practice and improves sewing skills.