The Alexandra Dress, No 2 in The Coast Land Collection ~ Autumn/Winter 2021

Mock-Up Dress Complete

This dress mock-up, in cotton muslin is number 2 of 3 new dresses from sketch to final design, they are designs based on Brighton finds and influences from a trip late last year especially inspiration from the true life retake of the historic Brighton fights between the mods and rockers in the film quadraphenia! This season sees 2 off-the-rail dress designs which need re-working and final adjustments to brighten them up and make more appealing are all going through to stage 3 now which is the pattern working and sampling stage.

This season in time, has been hard for the business due to having to put parts of it on hold to allow for more funding and then also came the COVID-19 Virus and my anxiety soon followed! I have also taken a new part time job recently so I have much more time constraints upon me. So, it’s needless to say that I have been a bit unhealthy and de-focused. These factors have slowed down business production but I can happily say they haven’t halted it completely and actually since recent weeks have picked up a bit. I’m definitely not an essential company who needs to be open throughout the lock-down, however, I can and still do operate for the future hope of having clients and potential customers back, after the 15th June.

I’m still in stage 3 of 4 stages with the design making and I’m making the dresses made to measure – this is to suit the model and give us a great fitting for photo shoots, however, her being a size 14 is the ideal size for the brand at the moment. The designs have been decided (although somewhat tweaked, until recently) and so now we’re onto making mock up gowns in cotton muslin. The picture below is of a final mock up/sample and has given me a good time working in between mask making and creating this edgy silhouette, with its feminine fluidity to add.

Sample Dress Alexandra – Autumn / Winter 2021 The Coast Land Collection.

The dress will be made of natural silk as in keeping with my brand core identity. I will make them all in size 12 – 14, however, they can become bespoke and tailored to fit. This season sees a lot of silk and more applique lace than I have done before – so I’m happy to be setting the bar higher in that regard. The designs should be ultra floaty and feminine. Dress No2 as seen above has an irovy stretch silk satin material bodice, sleeves and dress portion down to the knees with fine applique lace applied to the bottom half flowing down into the tulle material on the fish tail end. The back has extra detail and is very floaty and with masses of material falling down and draping over from the centre back mid section. The silhouette of the dress is the main attraction being very contemporary and experimental designed to flatter the wearer and the fabric is to cater to the wearers ultimate feel, of luxury and value.

The dresses are in keeping with the brand ethos being made in the UK, made with natural silks, and being an ethically friendly company in its business practices. The style of all my dresses are contemporary, classic, edgy, feminine and elegant. I like to focus on the way the garment would make one feel and look, being careful in how they are designed and cut whilst using a careful selection of fabrics to achieve this.

I write weekly to inform, update and inspire. I hope more creatives can find each-other on the wild maze of the web and connect, share and support one another. I also think this added information helps my customers know more about me and my brand so that they can keep on being a discerning customer.

Some good news by my time of writing is that, I’m getting closer to developing my online sewing classes for those who want to learn long distance. This is currently in the process of preperation before being ready to launch. We at D H bridal Designs also have a final date for the dresses to be completed ready for an outdoor photo shoot, I have my photographer almost booked as well as a model. I have made more time for blogging, website updating and emails being sent out, which is all great stuff for brand awareness. The bad news is obviously the pandemic/virus that we know is going around the globe has caused me some disturbances with work/life balance and I feel I need to be gaining customers more and more and has become burden on my shoulders.

The next post should tell of more developments and hopefully a finished mock up garment for design Number 3. You will find out the fabrics and the style used and any nuggets of wisdom that I can share along the way.

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