Lock-down and Business ~ Spring/Summer 2021

D H Bridal Designs and What we Have Been up to…!


Recently, I have been coming back to terms with having more opportunities and customers, since the lock-down restrictions have been easing and businesses allowed to re-open. I cannot complain at all. I was non-stop through the lock-down anyhow, but I had to change some of my priorities between work and caring for someone which was hard at times. I am not a paid carer so to have caring tasks in between business duties was hard to comprehend and do. However, I managed to still do the necessary and priority things as much as possible and that’s what counts in my eyes. The lock-down had actually affected my mental health at the beginning and also much of the way through I struggled with low energy levels, partly due to the atmosphere we were in; I noticed via a conversation on one of my Facebook contacts that it was not just me experiencing this there were at least 10 others, motivation and morale was also low. I also, just this week, I had a doctors call and found out I’m currently pre diabetic in my blood test results so also another reason why energy levels were low and sleeping through the day occurred more! However, I’m working on health issues right now and thankfully morale, motivation and energy seems to be returning to me, which makes a whole lot of difference!

I have been making and supplying face masks over the time of the pandemic and doing other business administrative things too. Coming back to face the world again, I have had some tailoring work to do and also have acquired a Tutee to teach my beginners sewing course too. I have managed to get some marketing materials printed and am still working on designing and making up bridal dresses in the background also. I do juggle, I must say but I just simply love variety.


The face mask making had to stop, I do not do that for a living, its not why I set up a business and all it did was help me a bit through the height of the pandemic, although a very cool thing to be able to do. I had my first testimony recently from a tailoring customer and that was just great to share on social media and soon to be put on the website too! I’m currently taking on customers who want to learn sewing skills and this is online, something I haven’t attempted before; I have only taught face to face! So, Its exciting and something to prepare for. Dress No 3 in the mini collection is still underway and will take some time still…I need to get that made into a full mock up version, before I can start cutting and sewing up the 3 final dresses for the collection…However, also in this season, I want to go back and revisit some older dresses on the rail and amend/adapt and refresh some of them still. So, needless to say I wont be done with this collection now till around September, I predict.

Tailoring Work (Bardot Sleeves) – Before and After Photos
A Side Business Flyer
B Side Business Flyer


I like to update my followers on how business has been going, whats been experienced and achieved along the way and ideas for the future too. I like to share nuggets of wisdom where I can and keep writing adding content to my online presence as much as possible. The main message of today’s blog is to notice the many set backs faced recently and how Ive had to work around that. Showing followers, that thankfully I’m still going and looking forwards.

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News update for D H Bridal Designs would be that, I’ve thankfully enrolled and took part in a week long Christian Business Boot Camp video training course and its been so refreshing and good. I took many notes and will make time to go over them reflecting and implementing new knowledge where I can soon. I was very inspired and filled with knowledge its just amazing what some business leaders get to do out there in the world to make impact; somewhere I hope to be in the future too. I love to influence my surroundings for the best!


Lock-down has had its hindrances in a very definite way, I mean it was a pandemic a crisis across the globe and many people died. We’re still not completely free of it either but some good has been experienced too which we cannot deny…many were working from the comfort of their own homes which was a nicety and some not at all and others getting much respect and appreciation for their key worker roles – they must have found it the most difficult through it all…so I hope they get the pay rises they deserve and or holiday entitlements, but if not key working there was more freedom about our days there was less stress and commuting there was less money but a bit more peace and time to reflect. I feel that has also been true for me and this blog shows I believe. I have continued to keep working on business and at some times at the nursery that I also work at part time. Keep on keeping on has been a motto and looking to the future: I’m excited about the next collection and the skills which will be entailed in that but also just producing lovely and hopefully beautiful, unique dresses for customers.

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