How to Put Eyelet Fastenings on Fabric..!

A Tutorial for Attaching Eyelets on Fabric – Fashion, Clothing and Textiles.

Do you need to make fastenings/clasps insertions on your fabric which are durable, neat and tidy to help that fabric stay? – It might be a corset lace – up style bodice or jogging bottom waist, maybe a draw string bag or curtains etc?

Well, I am Dominique from D H Bridal Designs, London and I can tell you that for corset lovers, I need to be able to be confident in putting these little guys on! 🙂 I have constructed a video for showing you how to do this correctly – I noticed I could help and give back to community in doing these small videos, so that’s why I do a few small video s here and there. If you like my teaching style, I run sewing tuition classes – online or face-face and I offer 3 courses of around 10 lessons each all lasting 1 hour per lesson. I have beginners level, intermediate and advanced. I have 20 years sewing experience and so I am very confident in my subject.

The video is as below and is using the brand Prym as its tool and method to deal with these fastenings. I think many other brands work similarly though…First, you will need your equipment a tools for the job, to hand and if you like you can scan read the text below which gives an idea of what is being taught.


Prym Eyelet and Washers Pack (mine is 5mm size)

Prym Pliers including plier heads/clasps

A hammer

A good solid work surface

A board/mat such as a cutting mat or slim wide-cut of MDF wood.

Fabric of choice except sheer and light options such as Chiffon or Georgette or Tulle etc (Eyelets are not designed for this type).

  1. First use pliers and its tool which helps you remove plier heads/clasps and allows you to put the correct heads in place. Such as putting the cylindrical hole head and the triangular/pyramid shape in.
  2. Then we use this plier tool with correct heads to make holes where we need them after measuring out spaces.
  3. After, we turn to the tool which came with the eyelets and washers and attach the correct heads for inputting the fastenings (the protruding cylindrical shape and the one with a more rounded triangle/pyramid shape).
  4. The protruding cylinder eyelet goes opposite the pyramid head and the washer goes opposite that.
  5. We hover the heads with the eyelets in place over where the holes we made were and proceed to hammer down the metal fastenings. The side we hammer must be on the top end of the protruding eyelet shape fastening.

Get in touch if you need or want lessons by my details below if your interested in learning a new skill for a career path or for a hobby, for garments male or female or just standard sewing projects you will surely benefit from at least a foundational course such as mine in sewing. I will then email you a pdf document helping you clearly understand what my brand specialises in and how I can help you learn with more information about the courses.

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