Dress Makers Life Since Re-Opening Business in May 2022.

What D H Bridal Designs has been up to since…


Since my last blog writing of my reopening as a small business, I have been inundated with work and queries, its been very positive and even busier than before if I am honest! Although it can be hard to turn down work wondering if they’d ever consider me in the future or just miss out on certain projects and jobs. I sometimes do get work overload and overwhelm and stress because of all the demands but I suppose it comes with any job one puts their mind too! I also suffer with a health condition which I’m still trying to see how it actually affects me, although I know it effects my energy levels and can indeed get in the way of my everyday activities/tasks. Some of the jobs have been:- Writing up quotes based on illustrations and details sent through and printed off, working on a clients project creating a range of goods in silk including some ladies garments, re-adjusting a bridal gown, doing some bridal hair and make-up for my portfolio, in communication with a sewing school regarding a new sewing course I am due to start at the end of July and designing and quoting a customer her details for a bridal garment, so all this in 2 months has kept me busy not to mention the daily tasks of marketing, administration and bookkeeping.

More detail:-

I’m quite excited about my clients product range work, currently we’ve completed her 3 piece accessory set in silk and now I am into doing the 5 piece silk garment set, there have been delays in waiting on the deliveries for certain haberdashery bits but overall its going well. I am also quite happy with some designs and work I am yet to do for an individual customer for her wedding day featuring a bridal dress cover-up garment and then finally very excited for the sewing tuition I plan to give in a sewing school in Oval, London, where we run classes of people willing and ready to learn more regarding sewing and clothe making etc.

Main Point:-

I think since my last blog and how much you may have gathered I went through regarding stress, health issues and pains in general waiting and applying for all sorts of work, I would say perseverance is very important in life and do your best keep positive and let God do the rest! It’s only after getting insight and Spirit leading after a church visit in Isle of White visiting a friend there, did I know that I needed to get back on the horse again and go back to my business.


Although, I’ve been busy and not liking to turn down work, feeling stressed and overwhelm at times with work load. Health issues play apart in my work practice and can cause problems – how I cope with this is: by keeping a health journal and by practicing strategies that keep me healthy such as going to bed and waking up at certain times to get my 8 hours in. I’m very blessed as I have some good projects I’ve got going on that I really enjoy. I Just want to concentrate on building this business now and since its still new I will need to put in the hours daily to build its foundations. It’s really about looking after the small things in life before you can be expected to look after the bigger things. The sewing school is interesting and a prospect to look forwards to in my work journey since its something I’ve dreamed of a while back now when opening for the first time – it seemed very far off, but now I am to be teaching sewing in a school! This is why church is so important its there that God really spoke to me about my life plans and work even going as far as to give me insight and confirmation of what I needed to do. I go to church not just to consume but to serve God and his people. I know God is helping me in my journey and all glory goes to Him!

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