RE-Opening my Small Bridal Business

It’s Been 7 Months Away but the Desire is Still There..!

Introduction: It’s been a long while of ill health, slight stress and I’d even say ‘wandering’ and even wondering – wondering if this is what I wanted to keep on with. It’s been hard to say the least and the pandemic of course has added extra stress to my work load. How can we of prepared for that? I had no idea how to prepare for such a catastrophe.  

Bridal Photo Shoot
Bridal Photo Shoot December 2020

More Information: I have diagnoses from back in 2011 to do with my health and although it’s been managed very well for years and years on end since, it’s still a weakness in my body and mind to have this disorder that I have. It’s something you just keep learning about as you go along in life and after September 2021 I came crashing down with all the weight of stress, low energy and weakened support systems due to my close friends suddenly becoming very ill themselves and then the isolation of the pandemic and the constant inactivity of the business – the business was affected no matter how much I tried to keep the wheels going and thinking on my feet with it. It was an inevitability and I got very ill and hospitalised. I suppose you could say I took a beating and got knocked off track somewhat. It took so long to regain strength and clarity, health and purpose again. I even thought up new dreams in that time of what I’d do next as I felt maybe this was the end of it. I spend 7 months researching applying and searching for new jobs and a career. However, nothing was moving, no doors were opening. And so after some time and a beautiful break away with friends and their family in the Isle of white, I got my answer and vision and clarity! One Sunday at a church there; it was evident I had to go back and get on the horse again.

I have since started my vision, schedule and plans up again to go back but better this time, more fine tuned and more determined! Wiser now, I am sure. The moment I started to put my visions down on paper and select images and talk about my plans the memories came flashing back of how much I enjoyed the work even more-so…! I remember my sketchbook and ideas Id get wherever I was and just make constant notes of my ideas and visions of what made a good bridal dress design. I’d get really motivated by amending a customer’s garment that needed a fix as I knew I was learning more as I went along also using my God given skills set. I started my SM marketing again since and just love sitting there creating branded visuals informing customers of how I can help them. So with this new, but old vision I sit here writing to inform and encourage others. Life isn’t easy but don’t give up! And expect some curve balls thrown your way.

Point of Learning:

I think in hindsight it would be good to have done a broad and big risk assessment for the business and my health before starting out. So many of us put together thorough business plans, cast a vision and acquire the funding, set out goals and plans to make it happen, get mentors etc and we thing right we’ve made a good attempt here and filled in all the gaps it should be concrete and good to go. But, how many of us prepare for a catastrophe? I mean it’s a discussion I still need to have…should we be preparing for these and should we also cater into the plans more of our health needs? I think definitely yes to the latter, business insurance although good practice isn’t always enough! Well anyway were all learning all of us and health issues can and do just happen – its not always preventable or of our own neglect or doings. This is life, suffering happens and Romans 5 has always helped me with this:

Romans 3: 3-5

Not only so, but we[a] also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.


So, with all that said, I aim to re-open officially on the books as of May the 31st and until then I am taking bookings again J As some may know, I offer bridal services specialising in bridal dresses as a dressmaker and garment tailoring and alterations. I also do sewing tuition in the evenings and offer bridal hair and make-up services.

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